Our Mission

Care1’s mission is to improve access to eyecare by providing a better and more accessible solution.

For 10 years, we’ve been building a healthtech company unlike any other. Thanks to the help of our amazing and talented team of engineers, doctors and operators, Care1 is the largest doctor owned company in the eyecare artificial intelligence space.

Our Partners

Our Partners

Care1 Milestones

The Beginning

The Care1 eyecare AI validation study is born in Canada, with $1M seed.
Care1 Original Logo
Full Scope Platform

World’s 1st full-scope platform to not require active shutter for 3D viewing.
Full Scope Platform
Analog Visual Field Conversion

World’s 1st tele-eyecare platform to convert analog visual field outputs to digital.
Analog Visual Field
Doctor AI Compensation

World’s 1st tele-eyecare platform to compensate doctors with AI.
Doctor AI Compensation
Eyecare AI Validation

World’s most clinically validated eyecare AI platform (80,000 patients).
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