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“We worked with Care1 and our local OMD to make a presentation to GPs in our area. We spoke about Care1 at our practice, and the OMD gave a talk on eyecare pearls for the GP.

We then distributed tear-away referral pads to the GP offices.In the 3 months following that presentation, we received over 100 new referrals from GPs, using the referral pads we distributed.

We’ve always had great relationships with the MDs in our area, but Care1 really took our relationship up to a new level.
Dr. Mike Kim, OD

Optometrist and Practice Owner

“This patient had a poor experience with their ERM surgery OD. They were now developing macular splitting OS, and wondered if a Jetrea injection might work.

We used Care1 to send the case to an OMD, who informed us that the patient was not eligible for Jetrea due to their OCT appearance.We saved the patient a trip to the OMD’s office and we retained the patient for all follow-ups.

Most importantly, Care1 helps us remain as the ‘headquarters’ for all of the patient’s eyecare needs whether refractive, medical or surgical.
Dr. Trevor Miranda, OD

Optometrist and Practice Owner

“We made a presentation to an endocrinology practice near our office.

The OD’s opinion is valued, but the OMD’s opinion is sometimes preferred by the patient or their MD, or is required for certain clinical trials. That said, our office has the same diagnostic equipment, and much shorter wait times.

Care1 helped us bridge the gap with MDs, and endocrinologists now actively send us diabetic referrals. We upload diabetic patients to Care1 to keep the GP, the endocrinologist and the OMD all in the same loop.”
Dr. Jeff Goodhew, OD

Optometrist and Practice Owner

As a rural OD, I’m already very comfortable managing glaucoma. But it has been really nice to upload to Care1, and work with an OMD at every visit on an ongoing basis.

Glaucoma is like an art, in that there are different approaches, and it’s best for the patient to have an interdisciplinary opinion.

Care1 feels like true collaboration. The patient only travels to see the OMD when truly needed, such as for laser or surgery.”
Dr. Tra Sin, OD

Optometrist and Practice Owner


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